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Featured Alumni

  • Dan Schreibman Dan Schreibman

    Dan Schreibman


    Dan knows a thing or two about changing behavior. He has put his clinical psychology degree and business acumen to good use over the years working as a consultant for A.T. Kearney from 1997-2007 and most recently as executive coach and organizational consultant for L*Accel—the firm he founded. Dan works with highly effective leaders—directors thru C-suite—to reach new levels of success. 

    Dan is also founder and CEO of Free Play™—a company that designs and manufactures revolutionary playgrounds. A father of two, Dan noticed the limitations of standardized playgrounds, and observed that his daughters were much more engaged when playing in nature or in unstructured settings where they were free to explore. Identifying the need for a different kind of play experience, Dan conducted an in-depth due diligence with an advisory board of educators, architects, child development experts, and safety consultants. Their research culminated in a play environment that provides an abundance of sensory experiences and gives children the freedom to play as they choose, brought to life by New York-based firm, LTL Architects. 

    In February 2014, Free Play™ unveiled its inaugural playground, which is the centerpiece of a state of the art, $1 billion FIFA stadium in the United Arab Emirates. A number of new, high-visibility installations are coming on-line this spring and summer. 

    Free Play™ was featured in Wired ( and
Fast Company (

    Dan maintains strong ties to A.T. Kearney through close friends and the occasional consulting project.

  • Linda M. Jenkinson Linda M. Jenkinson
    Chairman and co-founder, LesConcierges

    Linda M. Jenkinson

    Chairman and co-founder, LesConcierges

    Carpe Diem! This philosophy has been a key tenet of Linda Jenkinson’s success. She has proven time and again that “part of being a successful entrepreneur is recognizing a market trend and seizing the moment.” Two multimillion-dollar companies later, we can’t help but agree.

    “My 25-year work history traces a carefully constructed path that has given wings to my ‘serial entrepreneurship,’” Linda explains. She began her career in the management consulting division of Price Waterhouse in 1984. Next, she joined A.T. Kearney’s San Francisco office in 1994 and was instrumental in helping to build our global Financial Institutions Practice. She was made partner in 1998.

    She built her first global company, Dispatch Management Services a New Zealand-based company, from the ground up to $250 million, with 6,500 employees and 80 call centers around the world, and was the first woman from New Zealand to take a company public on the NASDAQ.

    In 2000, she became increasing aware of two seemingly unrelated trends—an aging (yet well-to-do) population would need and want services catering to their lifestyle; and workers in the high-tech space were working in overdrive trying to keep up with demand, making any time-saving tools very attractive. She was aware of LesConcierges, a service company that had been around for more than a decade but was not doing well—due largely to a lack of technology. So, she raised $8 million, bought the company, and invested in talent and state-of-the-art technology. Since then, the company has grown dramatically and is now the global leader in the field.

    Linda is also a founding director of WOW Investments, Ltd., a fund that invests in high-potential and women-based businesses in Western Africa and she serves on multiple corporate and philanthropic boards.  

    She and her husband, a world class gourmet chef and wine connoisseur also own Porthos, the number one “wine personal shopper” service in California.

  • Steve Bratspies Steve Bratspies
    Executive Vice President, General Merchandise – Walmart U.S.

    Steve Bratspies

    Executive Vice President, General Merchandise – Walmart U.S.

    From the very beginning, Sam Walton was known to surround himself with the kind of people who had big ideas and weren’t afraid to take risks. That mindset is still a part of the leadership culture at Walmart and a key reason why Steve Bratspies is thriving at the retail giant.

    Steve joined the company in 2005 as vice president of category marketing and quickly made his mark on the organization, moving up the ranks from senior vice president of marketing to senior vice president of dry grocery. In 2011 he received the Merchandise Excellence Business Unit Leader of the Year award for dry grocery, and early this year (2013) was named executive vice president of general merchandise for Walmart U.S., where he is responsible for managing the $50 billion plus electronics and entertainment, toys, seasonal, and hardlines categories. “At Walmart, every associate takes our value system to hearthelping people save money so that they can live better. What makes this the best job in the world is knowing that I can make a difference in the lives of more than 140 million customers who shop with us every week.”

    Steve is keenly aware of shoppers’ evolving needs in today’s economy. He has been able to draw on his strategic planning and marketing skills, which he honed at former employers, Specialty Brands, Frito-Lay, and A.T. Kearney, to bring Walmart’s “one size does not fit all” merchandising strategy to life. His experience at A.T. Kearney after graduating from Wharton has proven invaluable. He shares that “A.T. Kearney taught me at a very young age how to be a quick study, tackle any problems in a disciplined, holistic manner, and create a compelling argument on a point of view.  This is particularly important as there’s no major consumer issue in the world that does not affect our business.” He adds that his A.T. Kearney experience is also a nice resume-builder, “My colleagues’ ears perk up when I reference my experience at A.T. Kearney. There is a strong appreciation for the rigorous foundational skills that come with this pedigree.”

    Married and well-settled in the Northwest Arkansas community, Steve spends his family time at sporting events of his two teenage boys and serves on the board of directors for the Northwest Arkansas Children’s Shelter and the Development Council of the Jones center.

  • Phyllis Meagher Phyllis Meagher
    Owner & Winemaker – Meramec Vineyards

    Phyllis Meagher

    Owner & Winemaker – Meramec Vineyards

    Her name may not be familiar to many of you, but Phyllis plays a major role in A.T. Kearney’s history. As we reflect on the firm’s recent participation in International Women’s Day, Phyllis’s story reminds us what it was like to break through the barriers not so long ago, and how far we’ve come as a firm since then.

    It was a strange twist of fate that reconnected Phyllis to A.T. Kearney after many decades. As the owner of Meramac Vineyards, a winery in St. James Missouri, she was surfing the internet for information on the growing wine market in China. Through her research, she found an article referring to a study by A.T. Kearney, and quoting one of our women consultants in Shanghai.

    Curious about how the firm had evolved since she joined in 1973, Phyllis checked out the A.T. Kearney corporate website and to her surprise found a link to the Women’s Network, which inspired her to post a note. What’s the big deal you ask? "Well, I cut my corporate teeth at A.T. Kearney," Phyllis explains. "Today’s firm, with its strong Women’s Network, mentoring culture, and vision for developing talent shows incredible progress. I was thrilled to see how much the firm had changed and grown and that it had clearly become a woman-friendly place to develop a career."

    Looking back at Phyllis’s career, we get a better feel for why she is so excited about the firm’s commitment to diversity and inclusion—and in particular the advancement of women. She graduated from St. Louis University in 1964, a time when girls were guided into two professions— teaching or nursing. "If one was interested in business, the question was – ‘Can you type?’" she reflects. Phyllis went on to serve in the Peace Corps for two years and then spent two years teaching in Chicago. About that time she started thinking about joining the business world.

    "I couldn’t imagine what people did sitting at a desk all day in a corporate tower in downtown Chicago and my curiosity got the best of me," she says. So in 1968, she applied for and got a job as a secretary at A.T. Kearney. Her ambition got the best of her though and she wanted more.

    After a few short months, she left the firm to start a career in the relatively new field of computer programming and analysis. It seemed to be a good industry where women could progress rapidly. She took an entry level programing analyst position with R.R. Donnelly, and with a few years of experience under her belt was recruited back to A.T. Kearney by Jim Arnold, head of A.T. Kearney executive search, as an associate in the Management Services Group.

    Meanwhile, the U.S. government had been busy defining and enforcing policies on anti-discrimination, including adding the category of "sex" to the anti-discrimination provisions of the Civil Rights Act, paving the way for new opportunities and advancement of women in the workforce.

    Businesses slowly began changing, but according to a Business Week article back in August 1973, management consulting firms were considered "the last bastion of male supremacy." It went on to cite the small percentage of women on the "professional" staff at the top consulting firms.

    Phyllis gives credit to the "forward-thinking men" at A.T. Kearney who went out on a limb and gave her the opportunity to succeed as our first full-time woman consultant. Paul Schneider, vice president, sent her on the road for a consulting project two weeks after she rejoined the firm. That first trip signaled to her and the rest of the firm that she was a legitimate consultant. "I found my natural allies at that time were men with daughters; they wanted an inclusive future for their daughters."

    "Working at A.T. Kearney stands out in my own personal career history. A whole new world was opened up to me through the firm, and I learned a lot. I worked with smart people and for diverse clients. Being on the playing field was in itself transforming," she says. "For me personally, being there at the beginning of this incredible cultural change is one of my fondest memories."

    Following her time with A.T. Kearney, Phyllis moved on to CNA Insurance after which she left the corporate world for a self-proclaimed sabbatical. She moved to Missouri and bought a piece of land with a vineyard on it. At the time, she had no idea that her "one year off" would turn into several decades, and growing and harvesting grapes would lead her to opening a winery. While she still dabbled in systems consulting projects, her main focus became and continues to be the vineyard.

    She got involved with the Missouri wine industry and helped establish a special tax to fund viticulture and enology research and to provide support and marketing to the nascent industry. Phyllis served eight years on the Missouri Grape and Wine Board, and as chair for two. In 2008, the industry recognized her with their Pioneer Award. "Now," she says, "it’s about time to find a successor for the business – to retire again – but not before exploring that China angle."

    Thinking back to her original post to the A.T. Kearney Women’s Network, Phyllis is excited about the future of the firm. Beth Bovis, who heads A.T. Kearney’s Women’s Network, wrote back to Phyllis, and a connection was made. "From Beth’s response, I could feel the wonderful, positive support women have for each other at today’s A.T. Kearney," Phyllis explains. "But, I cheered out loud, when I saw that single word under Beth’s name. ‘Partner.’ And, I thought to myself, ‘Go girls!’ "I am proud to be an alumna."

  • Stephen Von Oehsen Stephen Von Oehsen
    Senior Vice President of Strategy and Business Development, Southern Wine and Spirits of America, Inc.

    Stephen Von Oehsen

    Senior Vice President of Strategy and Business Development, Southern Wine and Spirits of America, Inc.

    It seems fitting to toast Stephen Von Oehsen. He not only worked for A.T. Kearney for more than seven years, but also has continued to partner regularly with A.T. Kearney on a series of strategically important initiatives. He has stayed involved with us since 2005 when Southern Wine and Spirits of America (Southern) lured him away. Thank you, Stephen!

    In his current role as senior vice president of strategy and business development for Southern, Stephen is busy executing the latest iteration of the strategy he helped develop as a principal with A.T. Kearney. During the past seven years, Stephen has kept in touch with his colleagues at the firm and has been a true supporter of our business. "The firm has melded seamlessly into my professional DNA," he says. "On a daily basis, I think about, draw upon, and apply concepts, techniques, and approaches that I learned while working with many talented A.T. Kearney colleagues."

    Stephen enjoys working in the hospitality business and points to perks like luxuriating in the chalk caves 30 feet beneath Avenue de Champagne in Epernay, France, and touring wineries among a million bottles of super-premium "inventory." He may not have had a grand plan for his career as a young student, but looking back it's not surprising he ended up in his current position. His college thesis was on foreign policy decision making, and he applied that research to how decisions are made and strategies are developed. Today, he applies that same knowledge to help decide where Southern places its bets and focus in the marketplace.

  • Bruno Montmerle Bruno Montmerle
    Executive Vice President Group Strategy, Faurecia

    Bruno Montmerle

    Executive Vice President Group Strategy, Faurecia

    Bruno could have been anything: a poet, a scientist, a professional surfer. But as fate would have it, he decided to become a strategy consultant.

    Bruno graduated from Sciences-Po in Paris, the most prestigious school for politicians, high ranking officials, and economists. He then decided to venture across the Atlantic in pursuit of an MBA from Harvard, a rather unusual course of action, since an education at Sciences-Po typically opened doors to the best jobs in the country. But Bruno had other ideas.

    After graduation, Bruno joined a consulting firm in London in 1977 and left in 1983 to create Telesis, a strategy consulting boutique, with some of his good friends.

    In 1999, Bruno and the entire Telesis team joined A.T. Kearney, and Bruno became the lead partner for strategy in Paris. Over his eight year career with the firm, he gained a reputation for strategy consulting excellence. Bruno dedicated his time not only to serving clients, but also to training and teaching his colleagues.

    Bruno left A.T. Kearney in 2007 to become Executive Vice President of Strategy for Faurecia, a major car supply parts manufacturer, where he was responsible for more than 50 plants, operating across all continents. Travelling relentlessly, Bruno made an impressive number of joint-venture deals and acquisitions. As a result, Bruno has been able to produce a formidable impact on the overall performance of Faurecia.

    As he nears retirement, Bruno plans to spend more time enjoying his hobbies. If you happen to be on the French Basque Coast, be sure to look closely at the water. Is that Bruno, surfing on the Atlantic waves?

  • Hasan Shafi Hasan Shafi
    VP Corporate Development and Planning, Nuplex Industries

    Hasan Shafi

    VP Corporate Development and Planning, Nuplex Industries

    Hasan, a former principal from our Sydney office, joined Nuplex, a leading specialty chemical company with operations in ten countries on four continents, in August 2010. He saw an opportunity to shape the future of this global company and thought it would be a great opportunity to combine all he learned in his consulting career into one company and make an immediate impact.

    He joined the company as part of the group executive team, reporting to the CEO and is currently responsible for corporate strategy, M&A, strategic planning and special projects. Since joining Nuplex, he has led and worked on:

    • Setting the corporate growth strategy and portfolio
    • Re-organisation
    • R&D/ Technology portfolio strategy and organisation
    • Technology innovation
    • Development and implementation of a strategic planning process for the business units
    • M&A for a recent acquisition
    • Organic growth and emerging markets opportunities
    • Building up a strategy team
    • Progressing issues related to sustainability

    While he still travels internationally in his role with Nuplex, his current schedule allows him time to enjoy his family at home in Sydney, Australia.


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